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PUMAS gives you best offer.

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PT PUMAS PETRO LAMPUNG is a dynamic trading and distribution company which is handle all aspect of fuel distribution business.

PUMAS has served many Indonesia companies since 2008 with a commitment to build lasting relationship with our partners and customers. 

Our fuel products comes from domestic and world wide oil refineries. 

We also provide excellent delivery services at competitive prices. 

We can meet all your specifications and requirements. We will provide you with high quality service.


We appriciate your interest and look forward to earning your business.



- HSD (High Speed Diesel)

PUMAS HD™ is a HSD (High Speed Diesel) product, with high cetane index fuel designed for use in low and high speed selfignited compression engine to provide efficient, dependable and smooth operation. [Read More...]

- MFO (Marine Fuel Oil)

PUMAS FO™ is a PUMAS Marine Fuel Oil product. Marine fuel oil , or residual fuel, is widely used today by the world's shipping companies due to its wide availability and low cost. [Read More...]

- AVGAS (Aviation Gasoline)

PUMAS AVGAS™ is a PUMAS Aviation Gasoline product. Avgas (aviation gasoline), also known as aviation spirit in the UK, is an aviation fuel used in spark-ignited internal-combustion engines to propel aircraft. [Read More...]

- Syn Fuel (Synthetic Diesel)

PUMAS SynDiesel synthetically produced diesel fuels are designed for high performance requirements of clean diesel engines.  PUMAS is committed to providing the best possible clean diesel products. [Read More...]